Boondockers Landing has a number of activities and is centrally located for places to go, sights to see and things to do.

Boondockers Landing River Resort has activities onsite including river frontage for fishing, swimming, canoeing, and floating.  Other options are hiking trails, exploring, outdoor and indoor games, birdwatching, and a hilltop swimming pool with restrooms, showers and large patio.

Nearby activities include fishing other locations, kayaking, hunting, birdwatching, backpacking expeditions and multi-use trails for ORVs (guest owned), mountain bikes, motorcycles, dirt bikes and horseback riding.  A guide is also available for target practice, archery or shooting.

We are the only known canoeing/kayaking outfitters located on the Upper Mountain Fork River.

Navigating the Upper Mountain Fork is more exciting than the lower section below Beaver Bend State Park because it is much less crowded and has similar rapids and ledge drops, and is every bit as scenic. The rapids are spread out over longer runs than on the lower section. Rainfall dependent, floats are typically planned in the early spring, summer and late fall, at times with spine-tingling whitewater.

The UMF River is our primary canoe and kayak service area.  We transport you upriver about 10 miles and you paddle or float back to Boondockers Landing.  Most likely you will be dealing with class II rapids along the length of river we service.  However, in rare cases, the UMF River will form class III rapids, but only during a specific water level and not for long.

Downstream UMF River.  This river is primarily traveled from Smithville to the Narrows, about an eight to nine mile trip.  From Boondockers Landing to Broken Bow Lake there are several rapids that can test skill and decision-making at high flows. Rapids occur just below the Highway 4 Bridge and further downstream at "The Narrows" at the top of Broken Bow Lake where the larger drops are situated. “The Narrows” are quite rocky, with scattered boulder fields that can be tricky to navigate during high flows; however, this run is quite popular for those looking for more challenging stretches of waters.  Occasional rock ledges create long pools with a rating of Class I-II+.  The waterfalls and small rapids may require scouting.  As with more intense white water rapids, take the time to decide the best place to run, and then go for it, or portage safely around the obstacles.
When the water is too low for upriver trips, you can still enjoy our 1/2 mile of Boondockers Landing river frontage.
The UMF River has been the focus of several magazine articles and fishing films. Anglers floating this river encounter waterfalls, rapids, rock shoals, bluffs, cliffs and canyon-like walls.  In one of only three regions, the river is one of the best neosho-strain small mouth bass streams in the state, which  are well-known for the challenging sport of hooking and reeling them in. The river also supports a healthy population of spotted bass and smaller numbers of river-tough largemouth bass, channel catfish and a variety of sunfish.  Smallmouth bass fishing is the most popular and excellent for anglers.

Hunting Expedition
Hunting on the Ouachita National Forest lands and the Honobia Three Rivers Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in McCurtain, Pushmataha, and Le Flore counties are hunter’s paradises, with abundant deer, turkey, squirrel, coyote, bobcat, raccoon, beavers, otters, wild hogs and other types of wildlife.

For the avid birdwatchers, you may wake to the melodious sounds of mockingbirds, mourning doves, blue warblers, chickadees, whip-poor-wills and meadowlarks.  Discover the beauty to be found in painted buntings, snowy owls, purple martins, and hummingbirds. Watch for Oklahoma’s State Bird, the scissor-tailed flycatcher and the majestic bald eagles that roost on the cliffs along the Mountain Fork riverbank from November to March.

Target Practice
Shooting and Archery.  Bring your own gun or bow and arrows and a guide is available for fun target practice and sighting in your guns.

Riding Enthusiasts
There are many miles of country back roads in every direction from Boondockers Landing for riding horseback, mountain biking, motorcyclists, dirt bikes, and ATVs or other ORVs.
Hiking, Exploring, Sightseeing    
“Not all who wander are lost”  ~  J. R. Tolkien

Boondockers Landing has many winding trails for you to roam and explore or just stroll about. Venture down the maze of pathways in pursuit of the scenery beyond. A change of scenery? Just start hiking the country roads surrounding Boondockers Landing.  Or, if you prefer dedicated trails, there are numerous hiking trails in the State Parks and Wildlife Management Areas.

Boondockers Landing Trails

Loblolly Lane
Riverwalk Lane
Timbuktu Trail
  Raccoon Road
Okie Dokie Trail
Wild Turkey Crossing
  Over Yonder Way
Hobnobbers Hill
Jackrabbit Junction
  Wild Hog Wallow
Sundowners Bluff
Critters Cove

Places To Go
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  • Day Trip Adventures
  • Historical Sites, Monuments and Markers
  • Towns Rich in History
  • Museums
  • Choctaw Casinos
  • Festivals and Events

Upon your arrival, there will be available information on recreation, trail guide and descriptions, scenic drives,  state parks, wilderness areas, lakes, rivers, fish facts, and other fun and historical information about the region.